7 Great Reasons to Become a Teacher


Teaching is an amazing calling. Not everyone is suited to be a teacher though. In fact, plenty of first time teachers quit their jobs within three to five years. But there are several rewards that you can get from this often maligned job. Here are 7 great reasons why tutoring may be an amazing profession.

Potential of students

Not all students will do well in class, unfortunately. However, this shouldn’t deter you from believing every student can succeed. There is so much potential in students as each year comes with new potential successes and challenges.

Students doing well

Almost similar to the above point, the success of students is what drives many ec-6 generalist teacher to go on. Each student who doesn’t understand something and then learns it through your assistance can be an exciting experience. And once you actually help that student that everyone sees as hopeless, this can be really worth all the trouble that comes with the profession.

Humor every day

If you have some sense of humor or a positive attitude, you’ll find issues to laugh about daily. Sometimes it can be your silly jokes that can make students laugh as you teach. Sometimes the kids can share jokes with you. And sometimes your students can make funny statements without knowing it. Get the fun and savor it. To understand more about teachers, visit http://www.encyclopedia.com/philosophy-and-religion/bible/bible-general/teaching.

Learning a subject through teaching

When you begin teaching a subject, you can learn it better. Your students will ask questions, which will make you do your homework and learn more. In fact, it’s said that it takes 3 years of teaching before you can really learn a subject.

Conducive to your family life

If you have kids, you’ll have the same off days as your children. When schools close, you get days off. Moreover, while you might take assignments home, you’ll probably be home almost at the same time as the kids.

Job security

In many areas, teachers are a rare species. It’s pretty easy that you can find a teaching job, but you may need to wait till schools open in the new year and be ready to travel within your school district. Although ftce k-6 practice test requirements may vary from one state to another, once you’ve become a good teacher, it’s quite easy to move from one teaching job to another.

Staying younger

Dealing with young people daily will help you stay updated on current ideas and trends. It also helps bring down barriers.


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